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Finished Devil Dog Hat!

Finished the commissioned devil dog hat! And got some pictures of the two doggies it was made for!


Upcoming projects: continue granny square blanket, baby diaper covers, baby ladybug sweaters, teddy bear amigurumi


Finished baby sweater for a special little girl!

Finally finished the baby sweater! I added a white scalloped edging on the sleeves, collar, and bottom to give a little bit of a frilly look.



And here are some pics of the first one I did as I was making it. I used the same pattern for these two.





The yarn I used for the pink/brown one was 3ply versus the 4ply used in the pattern. I added 2 more rows to each section and 5 more double crochet to each row. I also used a 3.75 mm hook versus the recommended 4 mm hook. Hopefully I’ll get some pics of the little girl I made it for wearing it soon!

The pattern was Cat’s One Piece Wonder baby sweater 0-3 months. http://cats-rockin-crochet.blogspot.com/2011/05/cats-one-piece-wonder-baby.html
I plan on making more baby sweaters with booties and hats as a set to sell, so check my etsy page soon if you’re interested!

Upcoming projects: continue granny square blanket, baby diaper covers, baby ladybug sweaters, teddy bear amigurumi

Day 4 of Granny Squares!

Woohoo! 7 out of 40 squares done!
Here are my most recent 2 🙂




I’m waiting on some more yellow yarn so I’ll be working on the blue and white tomorrow 🙂

Day 3 of Granny Square Blanket and Commissioned Project

Well yesterday my goddaughter was born so I didn’t get too much done, but here’s what I have so far!


I was also commissioned to do a doggie sweater tux with several bow ties. I will have pics of it on the doggie it was made for tonight!



Upcoming Projects: Finish Blanket, 2nd Baby Sweater (Cat’s one piece wonder), Commisioned Doggie Devil Hat

Day 2 of Granny Square Blanket

So I know I was planning on doing 2 squares a day for my blanket…. But that might not be totally doable. So here’s what I’ve done so far!





Tomorrow (hopefully) i will finish the pink/green one which it the reverse of the lacy type one (last pic) and begin on the blue/pink squares. Should end up with a total of 40 squares when this is done!

First Granny Square and Baby Sweater

Hey guys! So I started on my granny square blanket today, which I will be working with off and on as I do other projects. Here is a pic of the first granny square I have ever made! The pattern is from a book called 200 Crochet Blocks. I’ll post pics as I complete more and attach them. This wont be a huge blanket so I would say 2 blocks a day for about 3 weeks to finish the entire blanket.


I forgot to take pics of the finished baby sweater I made, but here are the parts as I was working them.


Front panel finished


Front panel and right sleeve


Back panel and second sleeve



(Parts from left to right): Back, sleeve, front panel
I used Deborah Norville everyday worsted weight yarn in baby pink, which was incredibly soft and had a beautiful color/sheen. It’s 100% acrylic so machine washable and dryable which is perfect for baby clothes. I’ll get some pics of Sophie, the baby I made it for, wearing it when she’s born (due in August). I am making one for another friend’s baby in a pink/brown variegated yarn and will post pics on that one finished soon.

Link to free pattern: http://cats-rockin-crochet.blogspot.com/2011/05/cats-one-piece-wonder-baby.html

Thanks for looking!

Upcoming projects: Baby Colored Granny Square Blanket, 2nd Baby Sweater, Commissioned Doggie Tux and Devil Hat

Father’s Day Hat!

Hey guys! Here are some pics of the Father’s Day hat I made for my Dad. Its in black and gold which are the colors of the college I’ll be attending next year (Go BUFFS!). He’s going to be out of town on the actual Father’s Day so I wont be able to give it to him until middle of next week but hopefully then I’ll be able to get some pics of him in it!

Front view – I didnt add on the strings at the bottom of the ear flaps cus I’m pretty sure my dad will say that theyre too “girly” for him. Haha!

Side view of the hat. Was worked entirely in half-double crochet (to give it a little extra warmth).

I’m putting up an etsy listing for this hat in custom colors (finished product, not the pattern)!

And here is the etsy link! https://www.etsy.com/listing/102503276/custom-2-color-ear-flap-hat


Upcoming projects: Baby Sweater (Link to free pattern), Baby Colored Granny Square Blanket, Commissioned Doggie Tux and Devil Hat