Everything crochet!

Hey guys! So I started on my granny square blanket today, which I will be working with off and on as I do other projects. Here is a pic of the first granny square I have ever made! The pattern is from a book called 200 Crochet Blocks. I’ll post pics as I complete more and attach them. This wont be a huge blanket so I would say 2 blocks a day for about 3 weeks to finish the entire blanket.


I forgot to take pics of the finished baby sweater I made, but here are the parts as I was working them.


Front panel finished


Front panel and right sleeve


Back panel and second sleeve



(Parts from left to right): Back, sleeve, front panel
I used Deborah Norville everyday worsted weight yarn in baby pink, which was incredibly soft and had a beautiful color/sheen. It’s 100% acrylic so machine washable and dryable which is perfect for baby clothes. I’ll get some pics of Sophie, the baby I made it for, wearing it when she’s born (due in August). I am making one for another friend’s baby in a pink/brown variegated yarn and will post pics on that one finished soon.

Link to free pattern: http://cats-rockin-crochet.blogspot.com/2011/05/cats-one-piece-wonder-baby.html

Thanks for looking!

Upcoming projects: Baby Colored Granny Square Blanket, 2nd Baby Sweater, Commissioned Doggie Tux and Devil Hat


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