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Father’s Day Hat!

Hey guys! Here are some pics of the Father’s Day hat I made for my Dad. Its in black and gold which are the colors of the college I’ll be attending next year (Go BUFFS!). He’s going to be out of town on the actual Father’s Day so I wont be able to give it to him until middle of next week but hopefully then I’ll be able to get some pics of him in it!

Front view – I didnt add on the strings at the bottom of the ear flaps cus I’m pretty sure my dad will say that theyre too “girly” for him. Haha!

Side view of the hat. Was worked entirely in half-double crochet (to give it a little extra warmth).

I’m putting up an etsy listing for this hat in custom colors (finished product, not the pattern)!

And here is the etsy link! https://www.etsy.com/listing/102503276/custom-2-color-ear-flap-hat


Upcoming projects: Baby Sweater (Link to free pattern), Baby Colored Granny Square Blanket, Commissioned Doggie Tux and Devil Hat


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