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Been Away For A While…

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Well, recently I started dying yarn using Kool Aid and food coloring… So get ready for a new pattern using one of the skeins I’ve dyed!

Here are the 2 I’ve done so far: Monster Mayhem (green/purple) and Sand Meets Shore (blue/yellow)


I will be releasing a new pattern soon with sizes from baby through adult… So keep tuned!


The Dark Side…

Thats right… I’ve gone over to the dark side. Just a little bit though! I have started knitting. I am currently just doing a plain little dishcloth. It is straight garter stitch across all rows. But, I already have plans to work on a sweater sometime in the next 50 years or so! Haha!

Well, so far I have learned how to cast-on (Knit cast on) and garter stitch. Tried to purl but couldn’t quite get it. So I figured, practice a little dishcloth with some leftover cotton yarn in garter stitch, then the next dish cloth will be garter and purl, and then one day I’ll have a sweater done! But I really just cant wait to learn cables. My LYS (local yarn store) offers knitting classes for a hat, cardigan, and some other goodies for beginners. Under the description it says that all you need to know how to do is cast on, knit, and purl, so after some more practice I will probably try that! Oh, I just cant wait for all the goodies I can make!

I am currently also working on a Christmas swap (although my package is almost complete), a cardigan using this pattern, my rainbow scarf, and another cable hat to be given away as a Christmas prezzie.

Here is the rainbow scarf!


It is done in Knit Picks Chroma Fingering Weight “Lollipop”. I love it to death… the yarn is unbelievable and the colors are just so… rainbow-y!

First ever knitting project!

I will have more pictures (hopefully from FOs) and a little “helper pattern” for beginner knitters like me for that dishcloth I am making. It will be unbearably simple, but sometimes thats a good thing! It will have links to tutorials for cast-on, garter stitch and bind-off.

More Squares and Another Hat!

So after my pink cabled hat came to a tragic end (got attacked by a door knob in Target), I just HAD to make a new hat, right?

The lighting is kinda sucky, but it is the same beutiful wine-colored Karabella Aurora 8 yarn that was used for my Red Velvet Cowl, as well as my Alice-Inspired Fingerless Mitts. And I love it! The pattern is the #1 most popular hat pattern in ravelry (crochet) and it by the same lady who created the pattern for the Candy Colored Cables hat. I have names this one Divine Wine Hat, and the pattern is called Divine Hat. Click here for link.
I also received my squares from YarnballKiki for the Rainbow Swap!

And here they are individually:

Mine have been sent to her and will post pictures of them once she receives them! I am working on another scarf in the Wine Karabella yarn, and a whole set in Pink Karabella. Also going to be working on my baby colored afghan once I get back around to it so I should have a bunch of new projects and pictures soon!

As a side note, I am going to be making some more baby clothes/sets to sell on etsy very soon!

Everyone Ready For Winter?

Winter’s coming up quick! Time to break out those crochet hooks and whip up some cold-weather accessories!

I used up my Baby Boutique yarn (now discontinued) to make this super-duper warm and soft hat:

This was my first pattern involving cables and was so much fun! I have given it the name “Candy Colored Cables” on my ravelry page, and here is the pattern! So easy but it looks so intricate!

Also, I finally got around to finishing my Girly Pikachu hat! The eyes are a little bit off (the shine) so I will fix that soon:

Woohoo! Now all I need to do is find some yellow clothing and then my Halloween costume will be complete! And here is the link to that pattern (which I changed a bit for my own hat).

I am currently working on 2 sets of rainbow squares (6 each) and will have pictures to post of that soon! As for Christmas presents, I am making 2 little teddy bears for the 2 little baby girls in my life :). And and and!!! I recently got 10 skeins of that lovely Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in a candy pink (seems like I’m on a pink craze lately) so I may be making either a cardigan or hat/mittens/scarf set out of that! Maybe I’ll even buy a few more skeins in another color and make a striped pullover sweater? Who knows!
More projects and pictures coming soon!

More FOs!

I recently bought more of the Karabella Aurora 8 yarn, which I just LOVE, and knew I had to make something special… So here it is! My Red Velvet Cowl, perfect for winter and a remembrance of my favorite type of cake!


I am also working on a Cabled Hat, still working on my Pickachu hat, as well as a pair of convertible mittens for my bf’s birthday. I promise to get more pics and updates in the oncoming weeks as I have finally settled into college life at CU Boulder!

Here are some other things I have finished recently.

20120923-180903.jpg Photo by timliz1 from ravelry. I made these 2 squares that she received in a swap.









Wondering what I’ve been doing lately?

Well, just in case you were… Here are some pics of my most recent projects!



I’m also working on a Girly version of the Pikachu Hat. Meaning this one will be lighter and have a bow on the ears, as well as light pink cheeks (for a “blushed” look). I’m also making a couple of cute little owl toys from this free pattern as Christmas prezzies. And some more baby stuff coming up soon! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I’ll be updating more now that I’m settled into college life here 🙂

Quick Little Project!

Made this cute little heart today in about 1 hour!


Still working on getting done with all of my other projects and patterns, but its nice to do something small every once in a while!

Link to the free pattern here.