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Quick and Easy Granny Square Afghan

Super Quick and Easy Granny Square Afghan


  • J-10 hook (6mm)
  • Chunky weight yarn (I used bernat softee chunky)


  1. Ch 5, join to form loop.
  2. Ch 4 (counts as first trbl stitch), 2 trbl, *ch 3, 3 trbl. Repeat from *, 3 times. End with ch 3 and slip stitch into top of first ch 4.
  3. Slip stitch in next 2 trbl and into ch 3 space. Ch 4(counts as first trbl stitch), 2 trbl. *Ch 3, 3 trbl, ch 1. Repeat in next ch 3 space and around. Ending with a ch 1 and slip stitch into top of first ch 4.
  4. Continue pattern till afghan reaches the size you desire, changing colors by finishing off at the end of a row and joining the new color to any chain space. *Slip stitch or join yarn in any ch space. (3 trbl, ch 3, 3 trbl) in all ch 3 spaces. (3 trbl) in all ch 1 spaces.

Small square done with this pattern


Ribbed Boot Cuff – Free Pattern!

Ribbed Boot Cuffs:


–       1 Skein, Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted)

–       Size G-6 Crochet hook (4.0 mm)


Chain 23. Turn.

Row 1: Double crochet fourth chain from hook, and in each stitch across. (20 stitches)

Row 2 – end: Chain 3 (counts as first dc) and turn. Double crochet in BACK LOOPS ONLY, in each stitch across. (20 stitches).

Once the cuff is the right length to fit around your leg, slip stitch to create seam with the first row in order to form a tube. You can add an edging if desired.

As you work the cuff, wrap around leg to measure. Can be made to any size you choose. You can choose to sew the finished cuff to the top of a sock or cut off an old sleeve from a shirt, or leave as is.

Happy crocheting!

Quick Little Project!

Made this cute little heart today in about 1 hour!


Still working on getting done with all of my other projects and patterns, but its nice to do something small every once in a while!

Link to the free pattern here.

Flower in a Granny Square – Free Pattern!


  1. I-9 Hook (5.5 mm)
  2. Various Worsted Weight Yarns (I used scraps)


  1. Ch 10, join into a loop with a slip stitch.
  2. Ch 4, counts as first treble crochet stitch for first petal. For next treble crochet, work as you would a regular treble crochet, but do not pull through last loop. Continue this for next 2 stitches then pull through all 4 loops on hook. Ch 4, then begin next petal with a treble crochet, not pulling through the last loop. Complete 3 more treble crochet in this way then pull through all 5 loops on hook. Continue for next 6 petals, for a total of 8 petals. Ch 4 and slip stitch into top of starting ch. Finish off and change color. You may change color at any end of the row you choose.
  3. With new color, attach with a slip stitch to ch 4 space. (Ch 3, 2 dc) in first ch 4 space. *Ch 1, then 3 dc, ch 3, then 3 dc in same ch 4 space. In next ch 4 space, ch 1 then 3 dc. Repeat around and end with ch 2 then slip stitch into top of the starting ch.
  4. Continue like a normal granny square, changing colors when you choose: slip stitch to first ch 1 space, 3 dc in each ch 1 space, and in each ch 3 space (corner), 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc.
  5. Border: ch 1, sc in each stitch around and into each ch 1 space, 5 sc in each ch 3 space (corner). Slip stitch into ch 1. Ch 1 and sc into each stitch around, with 3 sc into each corner stitch.

Thanks for looking!

Finished flower

Flower + first row of granny square.

Finished square!