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The Dark Side…

Thats right… I’ve gone over to the dark side. Just a little bit though! I have started knitting. I am currently just doing a plain little dishcloth. It is straight garter stitch across all rows. But, I already have plans to work on a sweater sometime in the next 50 years or so! Haha!

Well, so far I have learned how to cast-on (Knit cast on) and garter stitch. Tried to purl but couldn’t quite get it. So I figured, practice a little dishcloth with some leftover cotton yarn in garter stitch, then the next dish cloth will be garter and purl, and then one day I’ll have a sweater done! But I really just cant wait to learn cables. My LYS (local yarn store) offers knitting classes for a hat, cardigan, and some other goodies for beginners. Under the description it says that all you need to know how to do is cast on, knit, and purl, so after some more practice I will probably try that! Oh, I just cant wait for all the goodies I can make!

I am currently also working on a Christmas swap (although my package is almost complete), a cardigan using this pattern, my rainbow scarf, and another cable hat to be given away as a Christmas prezzie.

Here is the rainbow scarf!


It is done in Knit Picks Chroma Fingering Weight “Lollipop”. I love it to death… the yarn is unbelievable and the colors are just so… rainbow-y!

First ever knitting project!

I will have more pictures (hopefully from FOs) and a little “helper pattern” for beginner knitters like me for that dishcloth I am making. It will be unbearably simple, but sometimes thats a good thing! It will have links to tutorials for cast-on, garter stitch and bind-off.


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