Everything crochet!

So after my pink cabled hat came to a tragic end (got attacked by a door knob in Target), I just HAD to make a new hat, right?

The lighting is kinda sucky, but it is the same beutiful wine-colored Karabella Aurora 8 yarn that was used for my Red Velvet Cowl, as well as my Alice-Inspired Fingerless Mitts. And I love it! The pattern is the #1 most popular hat pattern in ravelry (crochet) and it by the same lady who created the pattern for the Candy Colored Cables hat. I have names this one Divine Wine Hat, and the pattern is called Divine Hat. Click here for link.
I also received my squares from YarnballKiki for the Rainbow Swap!

And here they are individually:

Mine have been sent to her and will post pictures of them once she receives them! I am working on another scarf in the Wine Karabella yarn, and a whole set in Pink Karabella. Also going to be working on my baby colored afghan once I get back around to it so I should have a bunch of new projects and pictures soon!

As a side note, I am going to be making some more baby clothes/sets to sell on etsy very soon!


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