Everything crochet!

Everyone Ready For Winter?

Winter’s coming up quick! Time to break out those crochet hooks and whip up some cold-weather accessories!

I used up my Baby Boutique yarn (now discontinued) to make this super-duper warm and soft hat:

This was my first pattern involving cables and was so much fun! I have given it the name “Candy Colored Cables” on my ravelry page, and here is the pattern! So easy but it looks so intricate!

Also, I finally got around to finishing my Girly Pikachu hat! The eyes are a little bit off (the shine) so I will fix that soon:

Woohoo! Now all I need to do is find some yellow clothing and then my Halloween costume will be complete! And here is the link to that pattern (which I changed a bit for my own hat).

I am currently working on 2 sets of rainbow squares (6 each) and will have pictures to post of that soon! As for Christmas presents, I am making 2 little teddy bears for the 2 little baby girls in my life :). And and and!!! I recently got 10 skeins of that lovely Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in a candy pink (seems like I’m on a pink craze lately) so I may be making either a cardigan or hat/mittens/scarf set out of that! Maybe I’ll even buy a few more skeins in another color and make a striped pullover sweater? Who knows!
More projects and pictures coming soon!


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